Abstract Requierements

Deadline: 15th of March 2018

All abstracts must be written according to the abstract template . If the abstract doesn’t match the template, it will be sent back to the participant and will not be accepted until the requirements are fulfilled.

All abstracts must be sent in an e-mail to sfs.chem@gmail.com with the PRN, which will be given via e-mail upon registering.

All abstracts must be written in English. The files must be written in an .doc or .docx format and must not exceed two A5 pages.

Please name the files “PRN.last name_first name_presentation-section” or “PRN.last name_first name_poster” (respectively to content). (ex. 032.Ionescu_Paula_Chemistry)


Submitted abstracts will be evaluated and approved by a Scientific Committee based on originality, scientific relevance and the presence of both theoretical and experimental data. An acceptance or rejection e-mail will be sent within 14 days of the abstract submission. The fee must be paid in maximum 7 days after one has received the acceptance e-mail.