Conditions of Participation

In order to make the organisation of this conference possible and to avoid any misunderstandings, there are a few basic terms. Please read the following points carefully:

  1. The personal data you provide through the web interface or via email is exclusively used to organise the conference. None of your data will be handed out to a third party or sold to any company.
  2. All electronic copies of your personal data will be erased as soon as they are no longer needed. (Please take note of the exception in point 3).
  3. The organisers will provide a Book of Abstracts in printed form. This will contain a list of participants (full name and affiliation) and all abstracts (including the name and email of the presenting author).
  4. During the conference and the social-programme photos may be taken. These photos may be used on websites, social media pages and online or on printed materials of the Chemistry Students’ Organization and of our partners. In addition, these photos may be used in printed or electronic news reports.
  5. A refund of paid fees is not possible!
  6. The organisers are not responsible for any accident that might happen except the ones caused directly by them.
  7. The participants are responsible for any kind of insurance they might need.
  8. The organisers reserve the right to announce all the official information related to the conference on the conference website or via e-mail sent to the addresses provided in the registration form. All the information sent through these channels is considered read and acknowledged by the participants.