Guidelines (Posters & Presentations)

Guidelines for Posters

 Size: The posters’ size must be A0. Slight variations are accepted.

Orientation: portrait.

Each poster should contain:

  1. A short, descriptive title, without abbreviations.
  2. Full names of contributing authors.
  3. Addresses of the institutions the contributing authors are affiliated to.
  4. An introduction underlining the purpose of the presentation.
  5. A narrative presenting methods, materials, results and other information relevant to your work.
  6. A conclusion which should be clear and should emphasize the practical implications of your work.

The information on your poster should be readable from a 2-3 meters distance, therefore we recommend the following font sizes: title – at least 60 pt; authors and section headings – at least 42 pt; body text – at least 36 pt.

Remember to pay attention to the resolution of your pictures and photos (if any), in order to ensure their clarity. All written text must be in English, the official language of the Conference. No commercial or advertising messages are allowed.


Please be available by your poster throughout the Posters Session. You should be prepared to present your work (max. 5 minutes) and answer specific questions related to the information on your poster and to your work in general to both the scientific committee of the poster section and to other interested people.

Please note that the time you spend in front of the scientific committee depends on the questions they ask you. There is no standard duration for this, although generally, it will not extend beyond 15 minutes.

Your presentation must be in English. No commercial or advertising messages are allowed.

Mounting/Removing your poster

The Conference Organisers are NOT responsible for mounting your poster, but will provide the materials needed.. It is mandatory to bring your poster at the Registration Desk, in the first day of the conference.

You are responsible for the removing of your poster after the end of the Posters Session. The organisers do not accept responsibility for the posters left on the boards at the end of the conference. Also, the organisers are not responsible for loss or damage of any material left behind.

Guidelines for Presentations


The time allocated for every presentation is 12 minutes. There are no rules regarding the minimum time you must present, but you are not allowed to exceed these 12 minutes. If you do, you will be interrupted by the Chairman. Also, the Chairman will show you a yellow card when you have 3 minutes left of your presentation and a red one, when you have 1 minute left.

The time allocated for jury’s questions is about 3 minutes.

File Format

Your presentation must be compatible with a PC running Windows XP.

If you prepare a Power-Point Presentation, use the 2003, 2007 or 2010 versions. Your files must have .ppt or .pptx extensions. If you use the 2007 or 2010 versions please save and bring both a .pptx file and a .ppt file. Any pictures included in your presentation must have .jpg or .gif extensions.

If you prepare a video presentation or you have a video included in your presentation, please note that these files must have a .mpg .mpeg .avi or .wmv extension. If your video is another type of file, please make sure you convert it to one of the accepted versions.

If you wish to prepare any other kind of presentation, please send an email with all the system requirements you need at We will respond in the following 48 h. It is possible that we will not be able to provide you with the necessary system, therefore it is advisable to check with us before you start preparing your presentation and with enough time left to switch to another compatible type of presentation.

When choosing the fonts and their sizes for your presentation, remember that they must be easily readable from the back of an auditorium.

Depositing the presentation

The presentations will be displayed using a PC and a projector provided by the organisers. The participants are not allowed to use their personal laptops, projectors or any other hardware to display their presentations

It is mandatory that one will bring the presentation at the Registration Desk, to be copied to the computer. A member of the Organizing Committee will be there to assist you with the transfer. Presentations must be brought on a CD or an USB memory stick.

In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, every participant will have all the necessary files copied to a specific folder and checked. Please make sure that all your files are copied and that they are your final versions, as no changes are allowed after the files have been transferred to the conference computer.

During the oral presentation

When it is your time to start, you will be introduced by the Chairman. During the presentation, the organisers will provide you with a laser pointer. You are responsible for opening, advancing and closing your presentation. Please make sure that you can be easily heard and understood by everyone in the room.

It is advised to be in the Conference Room from the beginning of the session in which you will present. If that is not possible, make sure you enter the room at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time as delays or advancements in programme might occur. Participants who are not in the room at the moment their presentation should start, will not be given another chance to present their work.

Other specifications

All the information presented, written or spoken, must be in English, the official language of the conference. No commercial or advertising messages and materials are allowed during the presentations.