Public Transportation

Passengers need a valid ticket to travel on the city public transport system. The ticket must be stamped as soon as you get on a bus or tram. You can find public city transport routes, ticket prices and timetables on A two-way ticket for either bus or tram is 4 RON (roughly 85 euro cents). Also, bear in mind that you can purchase tickets through SMS. Click here for more informations.

By Tram

The nearest tram station is Gheorghe Bariţiu, in front of the Hungarian Opera and can be reached via lines 101 and 102. After getting off the tram walk in direction of the park. The Faculty is located on the left side of the park just after the first line of houses, adjacent to the British Council.

By Bus

The nearest bus stations are Parcul Central I and Agronomia II. From there walk across the park. The Faculty is on the right side.

By Foot

The quickest way to reach the venue from the B.P. Haşdeu Campus is by foot via the streets Doctor Iuliu Haţieganu – Mihai Eminescu – Cardinal Iulius Hossu – Cişmigiu – Arany János. All our guests will be attended by a volunteer during the programme hours.


From B.P. Hasdeu Campus, walk to Agronomia station and wait for bus no.6. Travel to Regionala CFR, wait there for bus no.8 and travel to Aeroport Sud, then walk to International Airoport Avram Iancu. You can also reach the airoport by car from the central area via the streets Bulevardul Eroilor – Calea Dorobanţilor – Aurel Vlaicu – Traian Vuia. Information about flights and tickets can be found on their website

If you own a smartphone, for an easier way to travel through Cluj, you can download the following applications Moovit, Uber, CleverTaxi, ClujBUS