Social Venues

Enigma Café

Iuliu Maniu street, nr. 12

The first kinetic steampunk pub opens in Romania. Enigma Café from
Cluj-Napoca is literally making history with its kinetic sculptures, having sparked quite a share craze online after first appearing on the Facebook page belonging to The 6th Sense Interiors, the company which created the entire design of the location.

The authors of the entire design concept, namely the Romanian based designers Alexandru Tohotan and Zoltan Zelenyak, previously responsible for the creation of two other worth mentioning works such as The Submarine and Joben Bistro, strike again, this time with an even more unique piece of artistry. And when we say unique, we mean world-wide unique. How’s that for brilliant?!

A giant moving clock which gives the impression that you are actually inside it, dozens of finely designed steampunk details, rotating wheels, metallic flowers opening up on the ceiling, a live moving bird and even a robot which definitely takes you back to Giger’s own characters, these are the core attractions of the Romanian pub. And it is indeed quite a wonder of design.

Joben Café

Avram Iancu street, nr. 29

Tourists visiting Romania and wanting to take a jump into the fantasy world of Steampunk cannot miss the pub Joben Bistro. Furnished with copper pipes, exposed mechanical gears and illuminated by a warm, diffused light, the pub looks like a space pulled straight from the pages of a Jules Verne or H.G. Wells novel. Located in in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the pub features fictional machines like those described by the authors, giving the space an industrial and retro-futuristic style distinctive of Steampunk. Faithful to Steampunk’s pseudo-Victorian style, Joben Bistro’s three rooms take visitors to a world of fantasy and science fiction. The first room has old pictured hanging on the walls, wanting to recreate a vintage art gallery, while the second room, where the bar is located, boasts quirky installations and the third room is filled with objects of all kinds. The pub’s lighting design adds to the quirkiness of the venue, giving the space a cozy feel and helping to blur the lines between fiction and reality.

A LED zeppelin emits a spooky glow overhead and lampshades shaped to look like top hats illuminate the dark-painted and brick walls, creating a dreamy atmosphere where to sit back and relax.

Samsara Chillout Teahouse

Emil Racoviță street, nr. 27

In Buddhism, Hinduism and other related religions, Samsara is the cycle of reincarnation: birth, death and rebirth. In Cluj Napoca, Samsara is a unique tea house where you take off your shoes before entering, sit on a comfy pillow on the floor and drink one of the best teas in the city. Although smoking is forbidden, different assortments of hookahs are available. The special ambient is completed by good services: the friendly waiters that seem to know very well what to recomand you. The electronic psy trance music has an energizing and almost hypnotizing effect on the listener.

Each room has a different theme but they all share a strong oriental vibe. There is also an ultraviolet lit room that creates a psychedelic atmosphere. This space recreates the galactic universe, giving you a different point of view in the greater scheme of things.

Samsara tea house is placed in an old house in an elegant neighborhood. Although it has been opened just recently, it quickly became very popular amongst lovers and became a refuge for many young locals. Samsara is more than a tea house, it is a complete experience for the body and mind.

The Submarine

Piata Unirii street, nr. 2

With it’s nautical navigation charts and torpedoes mounted on the ceiling, at first glance this could be a Cold War submarine, patrolling the deep.

But look a little closer and the control desk where a commander might fire a missile from is in fact a DJ booth, while underneath the pressure gauges and periscopes sit tables and bar stools.

New theme bar Submarine is bringing a little of the ocean to land-locked Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s second largest city after capital Bucharest, offering revellers a deep sea drinking experience.

The bar is the brainchild of Romanian design company, 6th-Sense Interiors – who previously created a Jules Verne theme pub Joben Bistro in the city – and is split into two vault-shaped rooms, each with its own bar, as well as details found on many
a submarine, such as control panels, visible pipes, bolted metal doors, an engine-powered propeller and two torpedoes which are attached to the ceiling. The club is split into two vault-shaped rooms, each with its own bar, as well as details found on many a submarine, such as control panels, visible pipes, bolted metal doors. The submarine themed-bar is the only one of its kind in Romania, and has proven popular with many visitors to the city.